Tree Services

At Essex Tree Care Ltd we can offer the most appropriate service for your trees.

All these operations are all carried out to the highest standards using British Standard 3998(2010) Recommendations for Tree Work.

Tree Removal- Felling and Sectional Dismantled
Removal of trees safely and without causing damage is crucial to this operation. If space allows we will fell your tree into a predetermined area from the ground using exact directional cutting. However if your tree requires to be taken apart bit by bit, we will climb the tree with rope and harness and use lowering equipment to bring branches down in a controlled manner.

Tree Pruning- Reduction, Thinning, Shaping and Crown Raising
Pruning is a skilled operation that requires a good eye and a touch of finesse.

Reduction is a method of pruning large canopied trees that are growing in confined spaces. Reduction of the branches will lessen the chance of a branch or a whole tree ‘failure’. This is tree surgery at its best. We will not ‘top’ or ‘lop’ your tree.

Thinning is the removal of selective branches retaining the trees main branch structure whilst letting in more light and air,
improving the overall vigor of the tree.

Shaping removes wayward branches and brings your tree back to its natural form.

Crown Raising lifts the canopy of your tree removing lower braches to the desired clearance height.

Hedges- Trimming, Cutting and Reducing
Hedges require cutting at least once a year to maintain vigor and shape. Hedges, whether formal, shaped or simply for privacy can offer great benefits to your garden and wildlife. We can lower heights and trim the face giving your hedge a new lease of life.